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Fancy´s P.O.V...
How I could be such an idiot? Why I fell in love with Yui? If she already had a boyfriend and was using me and TC as her toys
I thought, while thinking about the maid from yesterday. I wanted to apologize to her, but she ran even before that I could speak, but there was something mysterious and kind to her that I couldn´t knew, until looked up and saw that it was raining "Atleast is raining". By one hand, I was actually liking the rain and in the other, sure I needed to have brought an umbrella.
"What a beautiful city" looked at the temples of Kyoto, and it was peaceful, when suddenly...
"Come on, sweetie, give me a kiss" said a male voice.
"Let me go or I..." I recognized the female voice, and it was from the maid.
Followed the sound of the voices to a nearby building, where I saw a male grey/white cat grabbing her wrists and kissing her by force. And when I looked at her, saw that she was feeling pain, and the last drop was that he was hurting her. I was mad, this kind of violence to a lady was unexcusable, so I decided to give that male cat a piece of my mind.
End of P.O.V...
Fancy hid behind of a trashcan, to defend the maid from her attacker, in the right hour.
"Come on, sweetie, I´m not going to hurt you" said the grey/white male cat, holding the maid´s paw tightly.
"I don´t want to, let me go!" said the maid, in pain.
"Okay, I´ll be forced to hurt you" said the male, almost scratching the maid´s face.
The maid closed her eyes in tears, fearing being hurt, and heard a scratching sound thinking that it was her who got scratched, so opened and saw that Fancy was protecting her.
"Hide" said Fancy, to the maid, before facing the attacker "Now you and me, pal!" glared at him.
The maid hid and saw what was happening.
"Listen whoever-you-are, you don´t have anything to do with this!" said the male "But since you interrupted OUR little moment, you´ll see what´s the consequences" prepared his paw to attack the intruder.
The light brown cat grabbed the attacker´s paw and defeated him single handly, leaving him K.O "Sorry, but you shouldn´t do more harm to the lady" left and went to see the maid, who was hidden behind the building "You´re save now" looked at her kindly.
The maid smiled and cried, while hugging him "Th... tha... thank you" the moment that he saw her face, was like a dream to never wake up "Pl... please, don´t look at me, I... I... I´m hideous" blushed like a cherry.
"You aren´t hideous, you are the most lovely and beautiful girl that I ever met" said the tomcat, seeing her natural and unmatched beauty. Her eyes had the colors of a rainbow, the fur was a pearly white with black tipped tail and paws and her hair was white with light blue streaks "I wanted to say sorry for yesterday, I... I... I didn´t want to see you cry, but..."
"I know that you wanted to apologize but I was shy, because I never met other people, besides Miss Hatsune and Yui" said the maid, shyly "What´s your name?"
"My name´s Fancy and what´s yours?" said the cat, kissing gently the maid´s paw.
"My name is Kiyomi, an... and I want to thank you one more time for saving me from that attacker" Kiyomi introduced herself "I see that you are one of Yui´s former "affairs", am I right?"
"Unfortunately yes" said Fancy, sadly "She does this to all men that she meets?"
"I know very well my sister, when she does this to all of her "affairs", it starts one day and ends on the following day" explained Kiyomi "And... well..."
"I don´t believe it, a beautiful lady like you not being noticed?" said the alley cat "I may be in here for about two days ago, but I would look at you everyday if it makes you happy" he was making her blush like a cherry, came next to her and started to whisper on her ear "I will always protect you"
"Well... I have a surprise to you" said Kiyomi "And this is the surprise" grabbed his white scarf and kissed him with sincerity.
Two seconds later...
"You liked?" asked the white haired female cat.
"It was a dream to never wake up, again" said Fancy, all blushed "I´ll introduce you to the entire gang, they´re nice, you´ll see"
And went back to the temple, where she was going to be the newest member of TC´s gang.
Culture Shock a la Top Cat - Possible Scene
This is a description of a possible part that may or may not enter in the fanfic.
It contains a little bit of FancyxKiyomi (a fan ship)
Sneakpeak by Aqualokk
This drawing is a sneakpeak of a upcoming chapter of my fanfic "Culture Shock a la Top Cat"
Sorpresa para Loonaticslover95 by Aqualokk
Sorpresa para Loonaticslover95
Esta es un dibujo que hize y mostra se Cucho y Evie tubieran un bebé
Espero que gustes
It was a rainy night in L.A, Jerrica and The Holograms were preparring themselfs for their concert.
“Why it had to rain today?” complained Kimber “And the Jemstar earrings can´t be in touch with water, your secret is revealed, Jerrica”
“Don´t worry Kimber, we we´re on the stage I´ll cover the earrings with the ribbon” said Jerrica, before transforming into Jem “Showtime, Synergy” faded in a pink light and Jem appeared on her place.
“Let´s go” said Jem, inside of the Rockin´ Roadster.
Meanwhile on Stingers Sound…
The Misfits were rehearsing their lastest single, but they constantly stopped because of the music genre.
STOP!” shouted Pizzazz, demanding her bandmates to stop playing the song “Stormer, you said that the music “goodie”?” glared at the bluehaired keytarist.
“What´s wrong with you lately? These few days, you´ve been distracted and your songs are too sweet and soft to play” agreed Roxy to her mischief cohort.
“Roxy could write better songs, yank” added Jetta.
Stormer was silent and sad mostly because her bandmates always teased her and critized her songs, and suddenly realized that they explored her for her talent and anytime that she refused to do something dangerous, they threatned her with being kicked out of the band. But the last straw was critizing the song that she worked so hard to make the perfect harmony, finally became mad “THAT´S IT!” looked at The Misfits with hate.
“Stormer, calm down” said Pizzazz, jokingly.
“I sick of you making mischief everywhere we go and trying to upstage Jem, just because she won us on that battle of the bands, I should heard Craig sooner, I´m too good for you and I´m a nobody WITH you” said Stormer, packing her keytar and song sheets on her suitcase “And this time, I quit for good”
“And Eric? He wants the album ready for Friday” said Roxy, not reacting well with Stormer´s decison of leaving the band.
“Tell him that I quit, and I´m going to Starlight Music sign with Jerrica, wheater he likes it or not” said Stormer, opening the recording room door, and outside the studio, cried with joy before entering in her Porsche.
In the backstage, in the dressing room…
Jem was preparing for last touches, when someone knocked at the door.
“Jem, you´re ready to perform?” asked the announcer through the door.
“Yeah” said Jem, leaving the dressing room with The Holograms, and in the stage, and the fans started to scream of seeing their favorite band performing “We´re going to sing ´Twilight in Paris’”
Twilight in Paris (twilight in Paris)
City of lights (city of lights)
It´s everything I hoped it would be
Twilight in Paris (twilight in Paris)
But your face is the only thing I see
(The only thing I see)
I visit Montmartre
But I´m lost in a dream
And you´re the one I´m dreamin´ of
(dreamin´, dreamin´, dreamin´, dreamin´)
I must be in love
Twilight in Paris (twilight in Paris)
It´s beautiful when you´re in love
(beautiful when you´re in love)
It´s beautiful when you´re in love
After the concert ended, Jem and The Holograms returned to the dressing room.
"The concert was a blast" said Kimber, brushing her long red hair "Except the fact of the concert was almost canceled because of the rain"
"Yeah, but the rest was good" said Jem, before changing back to Jerrica "Show's over, Synergy" the pink haired diva changed back to the blonde manager of the band.
“Let´s get back to Starlight Mansion, we have a big day” said Aja, before entering in the Rockin´ Roadster.
At Stormer´s house…
Stormer was in her room packing some things in a box until she heard the telephone ringing and hold it, revealing to be her older brother, who was going to hear the good news “Craig, I got a surprise to you”
“What is it, Mary?” disse Craig, wanting to know what was his younger sister´s surprise.
“I quit The Misfits for good, and tomorrow I´m going to Starlight Music to sign with Jerrica” said Stormer, happilly.
“Really?” asked Craig.
“I really quit them, I realized that they were exploit me during all this time and I´m going to straight things up between me and The Holograms” admited Stormer.
“Okay, sleep well Mary” said Craig.
“Good night” said Stormer, ending the telephone conversation, lied on her bed and slept Things will be diferente tomorrow thought.
In the Starlight Mansion…
Jerrica and The Holograms returned from the concert, and entered in the mansion without making any noise until they heard giggles coming from the living room.
“Who´s there?” asked Jerrica, smiling.
Jerrica turned the lights on and saw the Starlight girls holding a Jem poster.
“We´re sorry Jerrica, but we thought that Jem was here” apologized Ashley.
“That´s fine, now go to bed, you have school tomorrow” said Jerrica, gently.
“Good night” said the orphans, climbing the stairs to their rooms
“Let´s go to bed too, buenas noches” said Raya, sleepy.
So the band slept peacefully, until next morning.
In the next morning in Starlight Music, Jerrica was reading a newspaper about Jem's big concert, until the recepcionist opened the door "Miss Benton, there's a Mary Phillips, who wants to speak to you" said the recepcionist.
"Thanks" said Jerrica, kindly to the receptionist "Let her in"
When Jerrica was opening the door, saw the woman dressed in a blue and red one elbowed shirt, with a red skirt, and she recognized the lady.
"Stormer, it's you?" said Jerrica, a little bit shocked.
"Yes, Jerrica, I came here to tell that I want to join to Jem and The Holograms" said Stormer, without her usual misfit makeover "I realized that the Misfits were using me because of my talent, so I resigned them, and I'm sorry for not accept your offer before"
"You don't need to apologize, you stood brave to the Misfits" said Jerrica "Since you want to join to the Holograms, here's your contract"
"Thank you, Jerrica" Thanked Stormer, with a tear of joy.
"You're welcome" said Jerrica, hugging the new bandmember of The Holograms.
“Ok” said Stormer, cheerfully.
Back to Stinger Sound…
SHE WHAT?!” yelled Eric, after discovering Stormer´s exit of The Misfits “She left you and said that she was going to sign with Jerrica and you didn´t stopped her”
“Listen, she was going to become soft anyway, and our recent singles were too soft and cute” said Pizzazz, calmly.
“But Stormer was the keytarist and songwriter, are how we are going to play with a new Misfit for the ba…” said Eric, before having a brilliant idea “A new Misfit? Girls I´ve got a idea, let´s make auditions to find a new Misfit”
“A new Misfit?” said The Misfits, in chorus.
“No way, we don´t need other four-way split, we were good when it was only me, Pizzazz and Stormer, but it was before Brit Brat appeared” said Roxy, pointing to the British saxophonist.
“´ear me, ducky, I´ll make you regret of saying that” riposted Jetta, almost pulling Roxy´s hair forcefully.
Pizzazz pinched them to stop fighting, and thought in someone that wanted to join to the band “Clash” said with a sinister grim on her face “She wanted to be one of us? She´s going to become a real Misfit”
“Of course, why we never thought of that before, she´s going to be the new composer and guitarrist” said Eric, agreeing with idea.
Roxy and Jetta nodded their heads as a sign of agreement, as Eric looked at a old album of The Misfits(when Stormer was still a Misfit) and threw it to the trash can.
“Look out Jem, the new Misfits are going to get you” declared Pizzazz, ripping a Jem poster in half.
On Lin-Z show…
Jem and the Holograms were in the Lin-Z show, almost announcing their new band member.
"Here, in the Lin-Z show, for the moment that we are all waiting for: the introdution of the new Hologram, and there she is the new Hologram, Stormer formally from the Misfits, and it is her first appearance, after The Misfits last concert" said Lin-Z, after announced Stormer "So, what is your opnion of joining to the Holograms?" asked.
"It is a big change, and I'll never go back to the Misfits anymore, and if my former manager finds, I don´t care, he needs to find other person to stand him and The Misfits!" declared Stormer, finally with her true friends.
2 Hours later…
Back in the Starlight Mansion, Stormer was unpacking her things and remembered to write a letter to a friend.
How are you? I'm still not convinced that you are a masked vigilante, but I won't tell to anyone.
If you want to tell to your queen that you love her, why you don't send flowers or chocolate  

Stormer put the letter in a safe place, and 2 seconds later, the letter disappeared.
Later on that night, each members of the band were having the same dream, but with different points of view, until a mysterious sound woke them.
"What was that?" Asked Shana, seeing a light from the mansion's front door.
"I don't know" said Aja, pointing from the front door "But I think that light comes from there"
"Let's check it out" said Jerrica, opening the door.
When she opened the door, the light was so strong that was dragging them to another world, and before anyone could say something, they fell into a forest, until the next morning, they were still using their nightgowns from last night, Kimber was the first to wake and when opened her turquoise eyes, saw a forest.
"Wake up!" demanded Kimber, to the others.
The girls were waking up one by one, and saw the forest, they couldn't believe, and walked through the forest, and saw trees fulfilled with berries, without knowing that they were in Jollywood.
This is the first chapter of my 7D/Jem and The Holograms crossover


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