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Dedicated to LoonaticsLover95

Fancy´s P.O.V
I was on the alley, preparing myself for a big event and today was a special day.
"What a lucky day" I said, as tonight was my first date with Elena, since we started dating now and the place chosen for the date was the Central Park. Not because the band had a concert scheduled there by tomorrow, but a tranquil night with the girl that I love.
And since me and the gang had rehearsed the song that Spook and Evie wrote for the concert during these past few weeks, TC decided to give a day-off for us, to compensate for the days of rehearsal, I still remember yesterday as a dream, that I don´t want to wake ever again.
Yesterday (flashback)...
Club Auradon, after the concert...
We had finished our second concert, as a regular band from the club. Rapunzel, Evie, Anna, Melody and Elena came to see us in the backstage. They hugged us, as they adored seeing us playing in the concert, especially since Choo-Choo and Evie were going to have their baby in a question of months, and he was going to be the first of the gang to be a father.
I had asked Elena to come with me, to outside of the club to ask her to go out for our date, and things could get any better.
"Elena?" I tried not to get nervous, because, hey I know how to do this but with Elena, is different and it´s more natural, instead of me courting all of my former girlfriends.
"Yes?" Elena asked, and her light honey-brown eyes sparkled and the smile she had was sweet as she is.
Took a deep breath, before speaking to her "Elena, I wanted to know if you want to go out with me for a date in the Central Park by... tomorrow night, maybe?"
"Yes, I accept it" she said, smiling tenderly and, by my surprise, kissed me on my cheek "Come pick me up at 7" and left the club.
Present time (end of flashback)...
I was walking to her house, it was now 7 p.m., by the time I arrived there. Climbed the stairs and ringed the doorbell, to let her knowing that I was waiting for her.
"I´m coming" heard her sweet voice coming from inside and then, when the door opened, she looked like a queen, on a red dress with white rufles on the sides, and it had some Avalorian designs on it "So what do you think?"
I couldn´t speak at first, because seeing her in that dress had left me speachless, but slapped myself to avoid making a ridiculous figure in front of a princess "You look go... I mean, you look great on it" blushed.
She giggled and pet my fur "That´s okay, you don´t need to be all nervous" I knew that we were lucky being dating.
And we walked to the spot for our date, on the ease. But when we arrived there...
On the Central Park...
"It´s closed?" saw a notification that was pressed on the iron gate and started to read it "To avoid robberies from the visitors, the mayor decided to make all natural parks close at 7.30, for safety" hit my head on the gate, after reading the note "Oh, I forgot that it was for all parks, how could I forget this" looked back at Elena, and I didn´t want to make her sad, because of this "Elena, sorry if the date is..." stopped me mid-sentence and didn´t looked sad about what happened.
"Like I said before, don´t worry, people can make mistakes once but learn from it" the way she said it was calm and consolidated "Besides I know a place that we can go" I didn´t knew in what place that she was refering, and followed her.
In a café...
"Wow, what a place, how do you know this café?" I looked at her, and noticed that she may have some memories about this place.
"My parents used to come here, on nights like this, and they said that everytime they were here, it was like magic" Elena was happy and serene, because she had good memories about her parents and... well, I know that she doesn´t talk about them very much, but this was the beginning of something new.
"Would you like to dance?" I offered my paw for a dance.
"Yes" she put her hand on top of it, and we started to dance the waltz in the middle of the café "I love you"
"I love you too" I said, with a big smile.
Top Cat one shot- a date to remember
Esta es la primera sorpresa para tí, la escribi en ingles porque estou más acostombrada a escribir asi.
Es dedicado para LoonaticsLover95.
Espero que te guste
I´m thinking on making a surprise for LoonaticsLover95, but I´m still deciding on writing a story, drawing or both.
Leave a comment to decide that I should make one of the three. 
Here it is, the last for the mini-collection: Pantera, from "Top Cat Begins"
To me, she is Fancy´s first ex-girlfriend (I know that the movie is the prequel of the series)
On my headcannon, they are dating in secret, after the happenings of the prequel, series and movie, because after escaping from his girlfriend from the movie, meets Pantera, in a bar and reverts to his shy persona from the prequel, but it doesn´t last long, when she looks at him and smiles, saying that she actually liked him from the start and their breakup wasn´t planned. And explains that she and her boyfriend broke up, after he discovered her criminal past, and that Fancy was the only one that she liked in her life. And after that meeting, they start to meet in secret, in order to the gang don´t freak out, about one of the members dating one of the villains henchman.
Kitty Glitter
Say welcome to the fabulous, Kitty Glitter, from "Top Cat and The Beverly Hills Cats"
No wonder why Brain didn´t felt jealous of TC being with her, on the costume party scene.
Honeydew Melon
Here it is, the seductive lounge singer/ con-artist, Honeydew Melon


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